Let go of your past.

10 February
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This is an RP account. :]

Hello, I am Mitarai. You might know me better as Seaman, but I have since dropped that nickname. That was who I used to be, I am not that person and I will never go back to that. I was part of Sensui's original seven, and used in a plot to destroy humanity by unleashing the fury of demon world upon it. I knew what I was getting in to. I knew that because of what I was doing, no matter if we succeeded or failed, that I was bound to die. But at the time it didn't matter. I hated humanity for all that it had done to me.

Like most people know, I was an outcast at school, alone and constantly picked on by my peers. Sensui had been someone that understood, or at least pretended to. I was already down and depressed, and he showed me that I could be powerful and that I could get back at the people that had hurt me so bad. He helped me perfect my power, which developed before I had even met him. He showed me how to better control my psychic ability, which was to create water beings that contained other dimensions inside. My power comes from mixing my own blood with water. The more blood and water, the bigger the monster. The more water, the easier the monster will grow and spread.

The night that I faced Kuwabara, I had no idea what I was getting myself into (unlike before). I thought that I had the fight in the bag, but my torture of him and his friends unleashed is latent powers and he was able to escape. Instead of killing me, I was made a hostage of sorts. I had to tell many of the team's secrets, thus making me a target as well. I even told them about Chapter Black, and being one of the few humans to have witnessed it, I think they were surprised. Over the course of the next day, I began to see that humans were not as bad as I had previously thought. They cared for me, and one even selflessly sacrificed herself to save me. Making up my mind to join their team was hard, but I knew that it was for the better. I wanted to make up for what I had done.

It's not what's on the outside of a person that counts, or what has happened in their past, but what they are doing now, and who they are inside. I may never forgive myself for what I did to those four innocent people, but I know that others do, and that means a lot.

I eventually got into the Highschool of my choice, the top in the area. I had to work hard and bring my grades up quite a bit, but I made it. I no longer hate humanity, but realize the reality of it. There are good people and bad people out there. I just have to stick to the good ones.

I am shy for the most part around people, and I always second guess myself. I think sometimes that I say too much and offend, or say too little and offend as well. I am down on myself quite a bit. For the most part, I will always be a bully target, I am not strong willed, and I give up easily. That will always make it easy for other people to hurt me and get under my skin.

My main hobby is tennis. I could play all day if people would let me. :] I don't usually have a partner to play with because I am told that I am too good. *confidence boost* No one wants to face me anymore.